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Getting Started With Your Prepaid Visa

KAIKU Visa prepaid debit

Many people consider credit or debit cards as the primary way to pay for their purchases. With 20 billion credit transactions per year, Americans love to pay with plastic. Since millions of merchants around the world accept the KAIKU Visa prepaid debit card as a valid form of payment, carrying a card gives you access to all of your favorite retailers. It’s also a great gift to include in holiday cards or gift bags for any occasion.

While people love to receive prepaid Visa cards, they can also reload the card and keep using it as long as they would like. There are many benefits to using the prepaid Visa card. Before you know it, you’ll be using your prepaid Visa at all of your favorite locations.

Activating Your Card

Whether you purchase your card at a retailer or online, activating your card is simple. You must start by entering some personal information, and setting up an account. This allows you to track your purchases and check your balance. You can even do so from a smart phone application for added convenience. There is also a toll free number located on the back of the card if you have any trouble understanding the online process.

Under your personal account, you can sign up for direct deposit, reload your card, and check your transaction history. You’ll also want to choose a PIN number, which allows you to use your Visa debit card at ATM machines all over the country. After your card is activated, make sure to sign the back of your card, just like you would a credit card. This is a crucial step in order to prevent your card from being stolen and used by someone else.

KAIKU Visa prepaid debit

Using Your Card

You can use your prepaid card just like you would a traditional debit card. Simply hand your card to the cashier or slide it through the debit machine at the cash register. Make sure that you keep track of your card balance when making purchases. If you go to make a purchase and your debit card has an insufficient balance available, then you won’t be able to continue with your transaction.

Most merchants won’t have access to your balance information, and so it’s important to know it beforehand. You can easily check you balance either online or by calling the toll free number on the back of the card.

KAIKU Visa prepaid debit

Available Services

There are different services available depending on which prepaid company you choose. Some offer the ability to transfer funds to other cardholders within the same company, and others offer the ability to receive text alerts regarding your account. You may want to shop around before deciding on the perfect Visa prepaid card for you.

While some Visa companies will charge you a fee to withdraw money from an ATM, others will allow you to do so free of charge. Pay as you go cards are a great way to go if you don’t want to commit to a credit card loan contract. It’s a smart choice to manage your finances without losing any of your purchase power. You can visit KAIKU Visa Prepaid website for more information regarding your prepaid Visa card.